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Eclipse Safety Tips

Apr 5, 2024

Be Prepared and Stay Safe


To all residents of Casa and the surrounding communities.  We have been receiving information from state and county officials to be prepared for the upcoming eclipse on April 8th.


Officials believe as many as 3 million eclipse viewers could be in the state during the week before and following the eclipse.

Arkansas’ population is currently at 3 million, if this number of visitors are in the state, this will double the size of the state's population and put a strain on our services.


This sudden influx of people will put a strain on cell service, Wi-Fi networks, power grids, plumbing, roads, emergency services, and goods and services. 


Please stock up on essentials and medicines that you may need as well as any household goods and gasoline for your vehicles.


Be prepared for weak or no cell service, gasoline shortages, an increase in traffic and accidents, and an increase in wait times for emergency responders. Ensure you have a communication plan worked out with your family and loved ones during this time.


Please make sure you have “No Trespassing” signs posted in plain sight on your property.


Please check with your elderly neighbors to ensure they have what is needed during this time.



Be safe and enjoy the eclipse.






Josie Payne

Mayor, City of Casa


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