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Casa City Park

Alan R. Harris "Podunk" Fun Park

City Park is open daily from 8:00 AM - 10:30 PM.   The park has slides, swings, a basketball court, and covered picnic tables for area residents to use.   The park was named after former Mayor Alan Harris who secured the funding for its construction. 

The City was awarded additional funding in 2021 from the Arkansas Forestry Department to create an Orchard on the park grounds.   The goal of the "Food Forest" was to give area residents access to fresh fruits. 

Casa Orchard

Peach Trees: 20

June Gold Peach Trees

Red Haven Peach Tree

Sam Houston Peach Tree

La Feliciana Peach Tree

Belle of Georgia Peach Tree

Dixieland Peach Tree


Apple Trees: 18

Gala Apple Tree

Red Delicious Apple Tree

Golden Delicious Apple Tree

Fuji Apple Tree

Honeycrisp Apple Tree


Plum Trees: 9

Santa Rosa Plum Tree

Ozark Premier Plum Tree

Scarlet beauty Plum Tree


Pear Trees: 4

Bartlett Pear Tree,15%20feet%20to%2020%20feet.

Kieffer Pear Tree

Shinko Pear Tree


Pecan Trees: 9

Choctaw Pecan Tree'Choctaw'&text=Slow%20to%20bear%20and%20not,7%2D10%20yrs%20after%20planting.

Pawnee Pecan Tree

Mohawk Pecan Tree,(around%2020%20years%20old).

Kanza Pecan Tree


Crabapple Trees:

Prairifire Crabapple Tree

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