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City of Casa Leash Law Ordinance

Oct 10, 2022

City Leash Law On Books Since 1973

The City of Casa would like to remind residents that the City enacted a leash law many years ago and that dog owners can be fined if they do not adhere to the ordinance. A copy of the original ordinance is listed below.

If you have any questions about the ordinance, please contact a City Council Member.

Date: 2-5-1973

We the City Council of the Town of Casa do hereby pass this city ordinance #2 that will be referred to hereafter as the City Leash Law.

All dogs in the City of Casa will be required to be penned or tied at all times. If the owner lets them run loose after the first of March, 1973, he will be subject to a $25.00 fine and the dog will be picked up and the owner charged the cost of picking it up. All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies and it must be shown with a tag placed on the collar.

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